Bridge Technologies Ltd Seychelles is a holding company for Fintech entities engaged in consumer aggregation and financial intermediation cutting across the broad spectrum of digital financial services including cross-border bill payments, international and domestic funds remittances, electronic bill presentment and payment services including payment gateways (acquiring and processing), mobile wallets, and other financial products.

Bridge Technologies is pursuing a significant role in Africa’s emerging digital (and increasingly mobile) financial services (DFS) space with the flagship product, OroboPay.™


Entities under Bridge Technologies represent a well-rounded offering from the digital financial services sector. Opportunities/companies and market verticals selected for acquisition have the following characteristics in common: potential synergy with existing portfolio companies, good management and potential for future growth and excellent chances of making a significant social contribution through jobs creation and skills development. Bridge Technologies makes only control investments, and in all cases is the anchor in the development of the strategy and raising of capital required for the growth of portfolio companies.

Our immediate goal is to become the leading platform for Africa-to-Africa cross-border payments and diaspora transfers. Our mature technology stacks, risk control management systems, and ambition to excel underline a commitment to secure Africa’s full participation in the global digital economy.

Bridge Technologies Ltd has consolidated corporate ownership and control of existing smaller enterprises pursuing viable opportunities in the African digital financial services space. The strategy is to help these entities upgrade their capital base and production technology and re-purpose their corporate strategies, while introducing changes and bringing in partners to increase the value of undervalued assets ripe for restructuring, re-capitalization and successful turnaround. Companies currently under the control of Bridge Technologies operate in the USA, the EU, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Our carefully put together operational networks include settlement rail and platform inter-connectivity with major digital payments and telecoms partners in remittance corridors considered amongst the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and North America. We expect to transform OroboPay™ into a leading global African fintech platform by a combination of factors including its proprietary technology stacks and go-to-market strategy, extensive settlement rails and global partnerships.